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Vintage Clothing: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
5 Simple Steps to Getting Mold Off Leather
Cleaning mold on leather-Caring for leather-Removing Mold from Leather
Vintage Leather Care
Guide to caring for vintage leather goods, removing scuffs and scraches from leather, how to store leather
1960s Fashion Designers Worth Thrifting
When browsing the racks at your favorite vintage shop, keep your eyes peeled for garments from these iconic 1960s fashion designers.
A Guide to Cleaning and Conditioning Vintage...
How to Clean and Condition Leather - Cleaning Vintage Leather
How to Condition Vintage Leather
How to Clean and Condition Leather - Conditioning Vintage Leather Page 2.
Removing Odors From Vintage Leather
Vintage Leather Stains and Odors - How to Remove Odors From Vintage Leather. Page 2.
"Mad Men" Season 7 and Its Groovy 1969 Fashions
"Mad Men" returns for its final season on Sunday, April 13, 10/9c on AMC. This psychedelic poster oozes
Where to Buy Vintage Clothing Online
Some of the best vintage clothing can be found online. See our picks for the best vintage stores on the web.
What is Vintage?
Vintage Clothing Definition - What Does Vintage Mean?
Dead Stock
Definition of term Dead Stock - What Dead Stock means
Circle Skirts: How to Wear Them, What to Buy
Learn how to wear circle skirts and shop for eight vintage-inspired styles.
Tips for Removing Stains From Your Vintage...
Tips for removing stains from vintage garments - Stain removal from Vintage Clothing - How to get out a stain
1950s Designers
Influential 1950s Designers to Look For
Jackie Kennedy’s Iconic 1960s Style
Learn how to dress like Jackie Kennedy with these eight signature fashion pieces that shaped Jacqueline’s early 1960s style as First Lady in the White House.
1970s Designers
Learn about the important fashion designers from the 1970s to help score some great finds during your vintage shopping trips!
Style Icons of the 1950s
Gallery of 1950s fashion icons, some of the most iconic people of the 20th century
Plus Size Vintage Retailers
List of Plus Size Vintage Retailers Online
Know your 1970s skirts
The 70s sure squeezed in a lot of skirt styles, covering every possible hem. Learn the difference between the 3 main styles.
Dress Like An Icon: Audrey Hepburn in 'Roman...
Every time I watch " Roman Holiday ," I'm in awe of Audrey Hepburn 's teeny-tiny waist and perfect gamine
7 Timeless ’70s Trends
Add some 1970s vintage flair to your wardrobe with these seven timeless Me Decade trends.
A Guide to Cleaning Vintage Clothing
Guide to Cleaning Vintage Clothing -How to Clean Vintage Clothing
1930s Designers
1930s Designers
8 Glam Trends from the 1920s
Glam up your wardrobe with these eight 1920s fashion trends.
The Best Vintage Style Blogs
Best Vintage Style Blogs - Vintage Fashion and Style Blogs
Men's Fads and Fashions of the 60s
Trends, fads, and fashions for men from the 1960s
Fashion in the 1930s: Hollywood, Classicism...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >When most people
1980s Pant Styles
The 1980s had many pant shapes and styles, some of them pretty strange. Here a some memorable ones:
10 Vintage Looks for Spring 2014 from NYFW
Check out the 10 hottest vintage-inspired looks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2014.
Pharrell's Grammys Hat: A Vivienne Westwood...
Pharrell Williams wore a huge tan hat at the Grammy Awards on January 26, 2014. Find out about the hat's 1980s hip-hop origins and London designers Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren.
Definition of the term Retro - Difference between retro and vintage
Leather Care Don'ts
Leather Care Don'ts - What to avoid when caring for leather
Women's Fashion of the 1930s
Women's Fashion of the 1930s - 1930s Vintage Clothing for Women
Vintage v. Thrift v. Consignment
What is the difference between vintage, consignment, and thrift stores - Types of vintage retailers
Women's Fashions of the 1950's
Women's Fashion of the 1950s - 1950s Vintage Clothing for Women
Removing Stains From Vintage Leather
Vintage Leather Stains and Odors - How to Remove Stains and Odors From Vintage Leather
How to Store Leather
Guide on how to store both vintage and new leather items to keep them in their best condition.
Why Should You Shop Vintage?
Why Shop Vintage - Reasons to Buy and Wear Vintage Clothing
Old Hollywood Glamour at Naeem Khan, New York...
Old Hollywood Glamour at Naeem Khan, New York Fashion Week Fall 2014: White Crepe Trumpet Gown
8 Vintage Pieces You Need in Your Closet
Eight classic, timeless vintage garments every woman needs in her closet.
How to Wear Vintage Clothing
Tips on how to wear vintage clothes - Wearing vintage and retro clothing- Mixing vintage clothes
Famous Vintage Shop Profile: Didier Ludot
Famous Vintage Clothing Shops and Boutiques - Didier Ludot
Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing. Page 2.
Backstage with 'A Night with Janis Joplin'...
A backstage chat with 'A Night with Janis Joplin' costume designer Amy Clark about the Broadway show's vintage-inspired costumes and Janis Joplin's iconic style.
'Star Wars' Strikes Fashion Week, Fall 2014:...
Star Wars Strikes Fashion Week, Rodarte New York Fashion Week Fall 2014: 'Star Wars' Dresses
Dress Like An Icon: Grace Kelly
Learn about Grace Kelly's iconic 1950s style and check out 10 of the actress' signature vintage looks.
Q&A with 'American Hustle' Costume Designer...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >On January 16,
Designer Quick Profile: Coco Chanel
A short profile/bio of fashion designer Coco Chanel
Vintage Prom Dresses 101
This season's most promising vintage prom dresses. Page 7.
Safe to Scrub
The Mr. Clean Magic Erase: Secret weapon for removing stains on vintage clothes
Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing.
How to Wash, Wear, and Repair Your Vintage...
This article outlines some basic tips for caring for your vintage clothing.
1940s Men's Styles
Here are some popluar items from the 1940s that you may find at vintage stores today.
Fashion Icons of the 1930s
Style and trend setters from the 1930s
Brooks Celebrates 100 Years with Retro Sneakers
Brooks Running Company celebrates 100 years by debuting a Heritage Collection of reissued sneakers from 1976 and by restocking their vault with vintage Brooks sneakers purchased from eBay.
Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor 1950s Style Icon. Page 5.
Marlon Brando
Marlon Brando 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing. Page 3.
Bette Davis
Bette Davis. Vintage Clothing. Page 2.
Use Vinegar to Fix Smelly Vintage Clothing...an...
Using vinegar to remove odors from vintage clothing - Fix smelly vintage clothing with vinegar
The Right Vintage for Your Body Type
The Right Vintage for Your Shape
5 Celebrity Swimsuits from the 1950s
From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood actresses of the 1950s looked ultra glamorous in ’50s-era swimsuits. Check out classic vintage swimwear modeled by five film icons.
8 Ways to Wear Your Spring Dresses in Winter
8 ways to take your cute vintage spring and summer dresses (you know you have DOZENS!) into winter.
Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing. Page 7.
Sophia Loren
Sophia Loren 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing. Page 6.
9 Ways to Update Vintage Clothing
Learn 9 easy ways to update your vintage clothing.
Jacqueline Kennedy's Pink Chanel Suit: Then...
A comprehensive look at Jacqueline Kennedy's pink Chanel suit that she wore in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Learn where it was constructed and where Jackie's dress is stored today.
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 1950s Style Icon. Vintage Clothing. Page 4.
Regional Vintage Events
Vintage clothing events held annually - Vintage clothing expos and shows
Christian Dior and the 1947 'New Look'
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Vintage Sunglasses and Eyewear
Vintage Eyeware Online Retailers - Where to Buy Vintage Sunglasses
"Project Runway" Designer Mondo Guerra Debuts...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >If you’re a “Project
Before You Buy Vintage Clothing
Damage to look for on vintage clothes - Things top look for before buying vintage - Vintage clothing checklist
Leopard Print: 1920s to Today
Leopard print is a timeless, chic fashion staple that's remained in style over the past century. Take a look at vintage leopard outerwear, including coats and hats, pants and shirts from 1920s through spring 2014.
Make a Great Costume With Vintage Clothes
How to make a Halloween costume using vintage clothes - Vintage and thrift store costume ideas
7 ‘Mad Men’ Mod Trends for Summer...
Learn about the hottest ‘Mad Men’ Mod Trends for summer 2013.
Debbie Harry
Vintage Clothing. Page 6.
How To Make Soap Flakes
Homemade soap flakes are very simple and great way to gently cleanse vintage clothing
10 Gift Ideas for Vintage Fashion Fans
A vintage fashion gift guide, including hats, jewelry and cufflinks, that fellow vintage fans would love to receive for the holidays, birthdays or any time of the year.
Bakelite Color, Pattern, and Texture Guide
Bakelite Color, Pattern, and Texture Guide - Colors and Patterns of Bakelite
8 Great 80's Dresses
This is a post about the 8 dresses that represent quintessential 1980's style and fashion trends. Page 7.
16 Big Hair Cheerleaders from the ’80s...
1995: Seattle Seahawks Cheerleaders. Page 15.
8 Menswear Trends in 'American Hustle' that...
Eight 1970s menswear trends in the film “American Hustle” that look surprisingly hot, including oversized collars, short shorts, chest hair and perms. Page 4.
Be Green, Save Green, Look Good
Vintage clothing is recycled clothing. Be green by wearing vintage clothes. Save money and the planet by shopping vintage.
The Maxi Skirt
Find some of the spring/summer 2011 season's most unique options for maxi skirts by shopping vintage online.
Marlene Dietrich
Marlene Dietrich 30s fashion icon Page 3.
14 Fashion Designers from the 1930s
14 Fashions Designers from the 1930s: Augustabernard
Barbara Hutton
Barbara Hutton. Vintage Clothing. Page 4.
Saddled Up Rockabilly Boy
Vintage Clothing. Page 13.
To Dry Clean or Not to Dry Clean
Some rules to live by when it comes to dry cleaning vintage garments
How to Protect and Store Vintage Clothing
Learn tips about how to wear, protect, clean and store your vintage garments so that they'll last a lifetime and stay in great condition.
Greta Garbo
Greta Garbo. Vintage Clothing. Page 5.
Definition of Rockabilly
Definition of Rockabilly - What is Rockabilly?
8 Myths About Vintage Clothing
Eight myths about vintage clothing and vintage care debunked.
Definition of Applique
Definition of Applique. Vintage Clothing.
Susan Choi of Persephone Vintage
An interview with Susan Choi, founder of popular online vintage clothing shop, Persephone Vintage.
Get the Mad Men Look: Betty Draper
Get the Mad Men Look: Betty Draper = Mad Men Inspired Vintage Gallery. Page 2.
Get the Mad Men Look: Don Draper
Get the Mad Men Look: Don Draper = Mad Men Inspired Vintage Gallery. Page 3.
Oscar Couples from Yesteryear
Oscar Couples from Yesteryear: Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, 1960. Page 5.
Wallis Simpson
Vintage Clothing.
10 Tips for Manhattan Vintage Show Shoppers
Get 10 shopping tips for finding fabulous vintage clothing at the Manhattan Vintage Show and Sale in New York City.
Photo Gallery: Sexy Fashions in 'American Hustle'
Amy Adams looks amazing in this ultra low-cut brown halter dress with shiny gold belt buckle and necklace.
10 Fab Books for Vintage Fashionistas
Check out the 10 must-have fashion books for vintage fashion fans, fashionistas or fashion students.
Gallery of Rockettes' Costumes: Past and Present
A gallery of the Rockettes' costumes from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular worn through the years from 1933 to 2013 in New York City. Page 18.
Famous Vintage Shop Profile: Lily et Cie
Famous Vintage Clothing Shops and Boutiques - LILY et Cie
Book Review: ‘Fashion Designers A-Z’
"Fashion Designers A-Z" The Collection of the Museum at FIT By Valerie Steele, et al., contributing author
Vintage Cufflinks: 8 Styles for Today’s Man
Learn how to shop for men's vintage cufflinks and pick the right style for you.
Are Harem Pants and Parachute Pants the Same...
Learn the difference between harem and parachute pants
Michael Kors Vintage-Inspired Polkadot Swimsuit
Michael Kors Vintage-Inspired Yellow Polkadot Swimsuit. Page 6.
5 Easy Celebrity Halloween Costumes: For Him
Five fun, easy and inexpensive vintage-inspired celebrity Halloween costumes for men or boys.
On Fur: Vintage or Faux?
Which is more ethical, vintage fur or faux fur?
Space Dyed
Definition of the term Space Dyed - What is Space Dyed?
Felting - Fulling - Definition of the term Felting - Damage to wool fibers
5 Vintage Punk Techniques from Met’s...
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's 2013 Costume Institute exhibit, "PUNK: Chaos to Couture," which ran
Blonde Bombshell Rockabilly
Polka-Doted Rockabilly Girl. Vintage Clothing. Page 10.
Vintage Gift Ideas
Vintage Gift Ideas - Vintage Presents for Holidays and Birthdays
Famous Vintage Shop Profile: Decades
Famous Vintage Clothing Shops and Boutiques - Decades
Get the Vintage-Inspired Style of Vanessa Paradis
Breaking down the vintage-inspired style of French singer/actress, and wife of Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis. Page 8.
Choosing Vintage for Formal Occasions
Vintage Prom, Wedding, and Homecoming Dresses - Vintage Clothing for Formal Occasions
1960s Fashion Icons Gallery
1960s icons to inspire a vintage look
Get the Mad Men Look: Joan Holloway
Get the Mad Men Look with Vintage - Joan Holloway. Page 5.
Oscars 2014: Gallery of Red Carpet Fashions
Oscars 2014: Gallery of Red Carpet Fashions, Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta. Page 13.
Retro-Inspired Polka Dot Swimsuit
Lux Retro Polka Dot Swimsuit. Vintage Clothing. Page 3.
Designer Quick Profile: Elsa Schiaparelli
A short profile/bio of avant garde fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli
Vintage Swimsuit Gallery
Vintage and Retro Swimsuit Gallery
Red Carpet Vintage
Red Carpet Vintage - Vintage Moments on the Red Carpet
Get the Mad Men Look: Trudy Campbell
Get the Mad Men Look: Trudy Campbell - Mad Men Inspired Vintage Gallery. Page 4.
Definition of the term Upcycling, Upcycle, Upcycled
Vintage Shopping Tips
Tips for vintage shopping, what to bring when shopping for vintage clothes
1940s Women's Styles
Here are some popluar women's styles from the 1940s that you may find at vintage stores today.
What Kind of Vintage-Lover Are You?
This article breaks down the types of people who shop vintage, where they should shop, and what vintage pieces they should invest in this year.
20 Years of Best Actress Oscar Gowns, 1993 to...
20 Years of Best Actress Oscar Gowns: 2012, Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook,” Dior
The Best Vintage Pages on Tumblr
Vintage Tumblr Pages - Tumblr's Best Vintage Pages
Michael Kors Vintage-Inspired Cheveron Bikini
Michael Kors Vintage-Inspired Cheveron Bikini. Page 5.
Modern Rockabilly Style Gallery
Rockabilly Style Gallery
Vintage Hollywood Glamour at Golden Globes 2014
Vintage Hollywood Glamour at Golden Globes 2014: Anna Gunn. Page 15.
My 1960s Leopard Coat (and 6 Tips for Vintage...
Read about Jennifer Nicole Sullivan's 1960s faux-leopard coat purchased from Maeven at shopmaeven.com and get six tips for vintage shopping online.
Men's Online Vintage Retailers
Men's Online Vintage Retailers - Vintage for Men Online
Best Vintage on Tumblr, 2
This is a list of 10 hot and fun new (and not so new) tumblr blogs about vintage clothing, style, and inspiration.
14 Vintage Grammy Awards Photos
1987: Run-D.M.C. at the Grammy Awards. Page 10.
Lacey Layers
Spring/Summer Women's Fashion Trends for 2011, as interpreted through vintage clothing options.
10 Best Actress Oscar Gowns: 1930s to 1980s
10 Best Actress Oscar Gowns: 1931/1932, Helen Hayes, “The Sin of Madelon Claudet”
10 Iconic Best Actor Oscar Winners: 1930s to...
10 Iconic Best Actor Oscar Winners: 1934, Clark Gable, “It Happened One Night”
Get the Mad Men Look: Peggy Olsen
Get the Mad Men Look: Peggy Olsen = Mad Men Inspired Vintage Gallery
Rockabilly Couple
Rockabilly Couple Vintage Clothing. Page 11.
Jackie Kennedy's Fashion Letters to Bergdorf...
Jackie Kennedy's letter to Marita O'Connor in Bergdorf Goodman's custom hat department in November 1960 with a newspaper clipping and fabric swatch.
Vintage Shopping Guides
Guides to shopping for vintage clothing, shoes, jewelry and more...
7 Great Dresses from the 70's
This series of posts highlights great, affordable, vintage looks, piece-by-piece, decade-by-decade.
Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contempora...
These 5 contemporary brands exemplify modern vintage--new clothes with a retro appeal.
5 Easy Celebrity Halloween Costumes: For Her
Five fun, easy and inexpensive vintage-inspired celebrity Halloween costumes for women or girls.
Using Lemon to Bleach Vintage Whites
Using Lemon to Bleach Vintage Whites - DIY Lemon Stain Removal

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