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Spring/Summer 2009 Colors to Look For


Colors come in and out of style just as anything else does, for Spring and Summer of 2009 these are the color trends that will show up everywhere.

1. Yellow

Pantone Mimosa
© Pantone
There is no denying that yellow is everywhere for Spring 09, but not any shade will do. If it's got to be yellow it's got to be unmistakable. Whether evoking Bauhaus color pop, or bordering on neon, yellow for spring has to be bold. Not everyone can't pull this tricky shade, so use it to accessorize.

2. Un-White

Ashley Kane
Off white, cream,, beige, porcelain, taupe, buff are just a few of the NOT white tones to expect for spring and summer. Any light colored shade that isn't straight white will do. These airy shades mix well with lots of other trends like metallic, sheer fabric, and sherbet brights.

3. Bright Pastels

These aren't 80's preppy, Crayola crayon colored pastels; pastels in 2009 are the shades of gelato, sherbet, and sorbet. Pastels for spring/summer 09 need to be bright and rich like saffron, salmon, and lemongrass.

4. Gray

Ashley Kane
Light, airy, unstuffy shades of gray substitute for basic black for spring. Just like black, gray goes with just about everything, so it's a recession proof investment. It also happens that gray looks fantastic with yellow, so much better than black, unless you're a bumblebee.
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