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Vintage Lookbooks

Inspirtation for vintage fashion and styling


Lookbooks have been an advertising tool for the fashion industry for years, and like the grand runway shows, they are usually artisitic statements in and of themselves. Now the concept of lookbooks are catching on with and vintage retailers and social networking sites.

Lookbooks are a chance to let styling shine, so they are great for inspiration! For anyone who is unsure about how to wear some of their favorite vintage pieces, lookbooks are a great resource. Here are some to start you on your exporation:


Photo: LOOKBOOK.nu

Pages and pages of user submitted looks...the whole website is a giant lookbook! You can hype looks that you love, leave comments and find out where the pieces worn are from. Just be sure you have a couple hours free before you dive in, because LOOKBOOK.nu is a vintage fashion rabbit hole!

LA Vintage

Photo: LA Vintage

Their first lookbook is inspired by Coco Chanel and leaves you wanting more. Here's to hoping they deliver!

Nasty Gal

The Nasty Gal lookbooks have outstanding styling and super editorial photography. Nasty Gal certainly has their finger on the pulse of urban/indie vintage style. 

Spanish Moss Vintage

Very well done premier Native American themed lookbook for Fall 2009. Giant, bold images like this are how a lookbook should be done.

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