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Vintage for Special Occasions


There is nothing worse than getting dressed to the nines in a new outfit that you adore, and showing up to find someone wearing the exact same thing. By wearing vintage to special events like weddings, proms, and other formal occasions you will never have this problem.

The key to finding that perfect piece

Image courtesy of Vintagevixen.com
is to stick with classic dress silhouettes and make sure the item is in excellent condition with no signs of age or wear and tear. The second issue is not much a problem since special event dress are only worn a few times , but if they were not stored properly during their lifetime, there could be discoloration of silk or lace, loss of beads, sequins, etc., sagging from weight of beads, or moth damage.

Once you’ve found the right piece,

Image courtesy of Vintagetextile.com
you can modernize it and make it your own with accessories. Shoes, handbags and jewelry that are newer or follow current trends pull everything together. Conversely, you can use vintage accessories like hats, gloves, scarves, decorative hair ornaments, and jewelry to make a brand new outfit more original.

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