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Wearing Vintage

Learn how to wear vintage clothing. 
  1. Vintage Clothing Galleries (9)

How to Protect and Store Vintage Clothing

5 Easy Celebrity Halloween Costumes: For Him

5 Easy Celebrity Halloween Costumes: For Her

7 Timeless ’70s Trends
Add some 1970s vintage flair to your wardrobe with these seven timeless Me Decade trends.

8 Glam Trends from the 1920s
Glam up your wardrobe with these eight 1920s fashion trends.

How to Wear Vintage
If you are unsure about wearing vintage clothes, here are some ways you can incorporate vintage into your wardrobe smoothly and comfortably.

Vintage Lookbooks
Lookbooks have been an advertising tool for the fashion industry for years, and like the grand runway shows, they are usually artisitic statements in and of themselves. Now the concept of lookbooks are catching on with and vintage retailers and social networking sites. Lookbooks are a chance to let styling shine, so they are great for...

Vintage Clothing Fit Guide
Vintage Clothing Size Guide - Understanding VIntage Sizing

Flickr Fabulous Vintage Fashion Group
Group to post and share your best vintage outfits

Great Finds for Work
Want to wear vintage to work? Here's a little push to get you started.

Fall/Winter 2008 Trends
Fall means it's time to cover up, bundle up, and let comfort rule your wardrobe. Fall and winter styles are usually very classic and repeat from year to year, so it's easy to find vintage pieces that fit right in with current trends.

What Kind of Vintage-Lover Are You?
This article breaks down the types of people who shop vintage, where they should shop, and what vintage pieces they should invest in this year.

Vintage Prom Dresses 101

Festival Style

How to Take Vintage Swimsuits Beyond the Pool

Vintage for Special Occasions
Vintage for Special Occasions

What's In Store for Spring 2009
Find out what designers were showing at New York Fashion Week and which trends will be popping up this Spring

Spring/Summer 2009 Colors to Look For
Colors come in and out of style just as anything else does, for Spring and Summer of 2009 these are the color trends that will show up everywhere.

Flickr Fabulous Vintage Fashion Group
Group to post and share your best vintage outfits

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