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Vintage Clothing Galleries

Examples of vintage clothing styles, trends, and categories in beautiful image galleries. Includes special occasion dresses, work clothing, summer clothing galleries, and more!

Vintage Sundress Gallery
Vintage Summer Sundresss Gallery

Vintage Little White Dress Gallery
Vintage Little White Dress Gallery - Gallery of Vintage White Dresses

Vintage Little Black Dress Gallery
A selection of timeless black vintage dresses with unique details that make them stylish in any decade

Formal Dresses for Weddings, Parties, and Events
Vintage Cocktail Gown Gallery - Vintage Formal Event Dresses

Vintage Swimsuit Gallery
Vintage and Retro Swimsuit Gallery

Timeless Vintage Prom Dresses
Gallery of Vintage Dresses for Prom

Work Wardrobe Gallery
A gallery of great vintage pieces for the office

Spring 2009 Romperiffic Gallery
Gallery of rompers featured in NY Fashion Week Spring 2009 collections

Spring 2009 Return to The 90's Gallery
Spring 2009 Return to The 90's Gallery

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