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Vintage Basics

Information about what it means to be vintage, secondhand, and retro. Find out how to be a vintage clothing lover.

8 Myths About Vintage Clothing

10 Fab Books for Vintage Fashionistas

Why Vintage?
Reasons why vintage shopping is a great option.

Definition of "Vintage"
A definition of the term "Vintage."

Be Green, Save Green, Look Good
Wearing vintage clothing is recycling. Be green by wearing vintage clothes and save money, too.

Vintage vs. Thrift vs. Consignment
Find out the differences between vintage, thrift and consignment stores.

The Right Vintage for Your Body Type
Learn which era of clothing works best for your shape.

Colors and Patterns of Bakelite
The world of Bakelite isn't as intimidating as it may seem. One part of understanding it better is to know the terminology for colors and patterns. Knowing how to recognize the colors of Bakelite will make it easier to identify and distinguish it from other vintage plastics.

The Best Vintage Clothing Blogs
No need to search high and low for vintage clothing blogs worth reading; here are the best of the best.

Vintage Tumblr Pages - Vintage Related Tumblrs You Should Follow
Tumblr is one of the newest, fastest growing social media sites out there. If you're unfamiliar, it mixes the succinctness and ease of Twitter, the niche community aspect of old Livejournal (if you remember those), the personalization and customization of Myspace, and the commenting/like functions of Facebook. The result is a vast selection of...

Share Your Favorite Vintage Style Blog - What Vintage Style Blog Do You Love?
Share Your Favorite Vintage Style Blog - What Vintage Style Blog Do You Love?

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