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Vintage Shopping

All the tools, tricks and tips you need to be a successful vintage shopper.
  1. Famous Vintage Shops (5)

9 Vintage-Inspired Fashion Brands You Should Know
The 9 Vintage

8 Vintage Pieces You Need in Your Closet
Eight classic, timeless vintage garments every woman needs in her closet.

Where to Shop for Vintage in Knoxville, Tennessee

Q&A with TracyChambers Vintage in Brooklyn
Owner of TracyChambers Vintage, Helen Williams Nurse, shares her love for Diana Ross, the ’70s and vintage tips from her Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, boutique.

10 Must-Have Vintage Fashion Gifts

A vintage fashion gift guide with stylish, affordable holiday gift ideas.


10 Vintage Looks from NYFW Spring 2014
Check out the 10 hottest vintage-inspired looks from New York Fashion Week Spring 2014.

10 Shopping Tips for the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

My 1960s Leopard Coat (and 6 Tips for Vintage Shopping Online)

Vintage Cufflinks: 8 Styles for Today’s Man
Learn how to shop for men's vintage cufflinks and pick the right style for you.

Vintage Shopping Guide
If you are new to vintage clothing shopping, the these guides and tips will make it easy for you to get the most out of your vintage experience.

Vintage Sunglasses and Eyewear
One of the easiest ways to wear vintage is with accessories, and vintage sunglasses and eyewear are a simple everyday accessory that anyone can wear. Here's a rundown of some of the best online retailers for vintage sunglasses and eyeware:

Vintage Shopping Tips
8 Tips to help vintage shoppers from amateur to advanced make the most of their time and money.

Books For Vintage Lovers
Inspiration, reference, and historical books are great gifts for vintage lovers.

Vintage Gifts Ideas
If you are looking for a gift that is special and unique to give for the holidays, as a thank you, for a birthday, or maybe to a bride-to-be, vintage is a great source.

What's Your Favorite Online Vintage Shop?
Share Your Favorite Online Store For Vintage Clothing

Famous Vintage Clothing Shops and Boutiques - LILY et Cie
Famous Vintage Clothing Shops and Boutiques - LILY et Cie

Review Lily et Cie Vintage Store
Write a review of vintage boutique Lily et Cie

Review Lily et Cie Vintage Store
Write a review of vintage boutique Lily et Cie

NYC Vintage Shopping

Every city has vintage, but it can be overwhelming trying to track them all down or know which ones are really worth the visit. Here are some About.com reccomended vintage

Work, Work, Work
Vintage Shirt Dresses for Spring

Review an NYC Vintage Shop

Make a Great Costume With Vintage Clothing
How to make a Halloween costume using vintage clothes as well as vintage inspired costume ideas

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