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Red Carpet Vintage

Galleries of vintage from award shows and events


The red carpet is a fashion gauntlet for celebrities. You must be pulled together, appropriate, and most importantly, be wearing something that has not been worn by anyone else. Many stars are turning to vintage to get that one of a kind, show stopping dress. Most vintage choices are timeless classics, which is ideal when winning say, Best Actress at the Academy Awards.

Here are some great vintage moments from award shows, movie premiers, and other red carpet events:

1. Academy Awards Vintage Gallery

The pinnacle of celebrity fashion is the Academy Awards red carpet. Every year there is a flood of old Hollywood glamour, jaw dropping couture straight of the runway, and impeccable vintage on the red carpet. Each year more and more celebrities slip on one of a kind vintage gowns, and they might even be good luck! Julia Roberts, Reese Witherspoon and Penelope Cruz all won wearing vintage.  

2. Golden Globe Awards Vintage Gallery

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty

Let's face it, he Oscars and it's fashions can be a little stuffy. The Golden Globe Awards have a much more relaxed and fun vibe, which brings out lots or interesting wardrobe choices and risks. It's the perfect opportunity to show off a one of a kind vintage find.

3. Red Carpet Events Vintage Gallery

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty

Along with the big award shows, there are lots of other red carpets and opportunities to show off amazing vintage. Here are vintage moments from various movie premiers, galas, parties and charity events.

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