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1970s Designers


1970s designers that set the numerous trends of the decade


The definitive designer of the 1970s, Halston created almost every popular dress seen on the dance floors. His designs were perfect for dancing because of their draped and free moving construction without buttons or zippers. The halter and one shoulder style dress were his most replicated. Halston designed for many celebrities and was one of the first major designers to license his name, making his clothes more accessible to the masses.


Best known for knitwear and their bold, bright space dyed weave patterns. The Missoni zig zag pattern knit is instantly recognizable even today.

Diane von Furstenberg

Image courtesy of VintageVixen.com
Von Furstenberg will forever be noted as the designer who made the jersey wrap dress a wardrobe essential. Though the kimono inspired wrap dress is her trademark, von Furstenberg influenced all dresses by establishing a standard for ease and comfort in women’s clothing.

Thea Porter

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty

A half French, half English designer that grew up traveling the world, and translated her multi cultured ethnic experiences into clothing that inspired the bohemian look of the 1970s. Her design career began with her own extensive textile collection and a middle eastern import shop in London. Porter made caftans, maxi dresses, and  accessible and stylish. 

Bob Gibb

Mixing  prints, textures, and embellishments with ethnic, medieval, and romantic influences, Gibb was a tremendous perpetuator of the "hippie" styles of the 70s. The influence of close friend and artist/textile designer Kaffe Fassett inspired wild use of color and pattern in his designs.


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