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Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands


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Swedish Hasbeens: Dying for Clogs
Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands

The autumn-winter 2011 campaign features apocalyptic imagery, this season's clogs updated as ankle boots, and lots of ice cold Scandinavian good looks.

Swedish Hasbeens
Hasbeens taken the icy, mountainous winters of Scandinavia, and the end-of-the-world meme of present times as inspiration for this autumn-winter season. Gone are the reworked World War II era posters, and in their place is a new futuristic, even apocalyptic aesthetic. The models, of course, spend their last days in clogs. Or for autumn-winter 2011, ankle boot clogs in white, red, and black, detailed with bondage straps.

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