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Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands


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Swedish Hasbeens: Eco-Friendly Favorites
Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands

Swedish Hasbeens is a contemporary shoe brand that takes its inspiration from 70's Scandinavian glamour.

Swedish Hasbeens
The founders of Scandinavian shoe brand, Swedish Hasbeens, were rummaging through their mom's attic on a summer's day when they came across her collection of clogs from the 70's. Hasbeens has stayed true to the original sole/soul of the clog, but updated it with an assortment of candy colors, as well as sandal and boot cuts to span the seasons. Hasbeens are also made with the newest in eco-friendly technology, handmade in small, local factories with natural grain leather and lime trees.

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