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Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands


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April, May: Best [Old] Western
Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands

A 60's-inspired shift with south-by-south-western detailing.

April, May/Refinery 29
There's not that much information on contemporary line, April, May. Perhaps all we really need to know is that the shifts are 60's-inspired, the gowns are 50's film siren, and the line's got a variation of retro glamour to spare. A distinctly "wild west" aesthetic sets April, May apart from other contemporary lines that look to decades past for design inspiration. Copious amounts of denim and leather with south western detailing are enhanced by rugged styling in the brand's fall 2011 look book--cowboy hats, boots, and handkerchiefs tied daintily at the neck. The overall effect is rugged, but luxe, and most of all, retro.
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