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Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands


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Free People: Keeping the Flair Alive
Modern Vintage: 5 "Vintage-Inspired" Contemporary Brands

A cinematic 70's hippie look from contemporary brand, Free People.

Free People
Free People is king of the vintage-inspired contemporary line. Forget for a second that the actual website has a vintage section (Vintage Lovers), the line does authentic bohemian retro no matter what the trends dictate. For instance, the skinny jean still rules the roost in most of fashion, but you can find an unapologetically full flair trousers in the Free People line-up at any time--not just when the sophisticated 70's just happen to be "in". You don't have to do 70's head-to-toe. Bring these crocheted bells into the 21st century with a pretty shell, and a shrunken, structured blazer.

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