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How to Store Leather

The Best Ways to Store Both Vintage and New Leather Items


How to Store Leather
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The most important things to remember about leather is not to get it soiled, soaked, or let it dry out. Despite the fact that all of these things can be rectified to some extent, it is helpful to not let leather get into such a condition in the first place. Proper storage will keep leather looking as good as new no matter how old it is.

To Store Leather

  • Clean and condition leather before any long period of storage
  • Keep leather in a cool, dry place. Humidity can lead to mold, one of leather’s number one enemies.
  • Keep leather out of sunlight and away from any heat sources to ensure that the skin does not dry out and crack
  • Leather is heavy, so always hang it on a durable, padded hanger. Wood hangers are preferable.
  • Stuff leather (arms, legs, etc.) with acid free paper to help keep its shape and help prevent dampness.
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