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8 Ways to Wear Your Spring Dresses in Winter


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Add Long-Sleeved Button Down.
8 Ways to Wear Your Spring Dresses in Winter
Persephone Vintage/Etsy
This turns the dress into a skirt! This style technique is so rarely employed, I almost left it off the list! This works well with a dress that has some volume at the bottom. So, drop waisted, ruffled, tiered, bubble-skirted--any type of full skirted dress.

You don't want to try this transformation on a dress that's got a lot going on on top. This will create unattractive bulk in the chest and shoulders. This also works best on a dress with thin straps. Add a great necklace and even eagle-eye friends who've seen the dress in its summer incarnation will be none the wiser. Belt the shirt, or tie it up to provide shape. Go for denim or chambray on a casual day.

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