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How to Wear Flares


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Balance The Bell
How to Wear Flares

Natalie Portman in MiH Marrakech Jeans.

Bell bottoms, or, flare-legged jeans, get a bad rep. It's because anyone who's ever failed at achieving a great look in flares (after the 1970's, that is) has done so by neglecting to balance the bell. If you're petite, like ethereal Black Swan star, Natalie Portman, flares will swallow you if you don't have enough volume on top. Portman pairs her flares with a roomy white shirt and green scarf adding a pop of color, and the piece de resistance, a cape-shaped jacket in deep purple. The layers, the colors, and the shape of the jacket, and draw the eye away from the bell.

Looking for a vintage cape coat to mirror the shape of your flares?
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