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7 Ways To Do Ethnic Accents in Winter


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Look for Rich Fabrics and Big Prints
7 Ways To Do Ethnic Accents in Winter

This long sleeved, caftan dress with Indian print is a rare find for winter nights out.

Persephone Vintage
Head-to-toe looks are very popular this winter season (as with the takeover of the jumpsuit). The key is to winterizing a maxi-dress with ethnic accents is to look for heavier, richer fabrics, and long sleeves. Try a maxi-dress with artfully curly, cream detailing at the wrists, neck, and hemline, over a saturated black canvas. This makes for an unexpectedly covered up but still sexy evening look. Wearing an "ethnic" print doesn't have to mean a hippie or "boho" look. Pair this with boots meeting the ankle as styled here by Persephone Vintage, or, increase the look's luxe factor with suede boots to the knee.

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