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Vintage Bags for Every Occasion


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Ethnic Print Backpack
Vintage Bags for Every Occasion
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If backpacks remind you of the days of wearing school uniforms, and pop quizzes, it's time to shift your thinking. The last season or so in fashion has seen the backpack come back: it's brighter, sleeker, sexier...and easier than ever to carry. Add a bit of spice to your casual wardrobe with a backpack in an ethnic print.

Wear it with: Create the perfect background with a simple, solid dress in a complimentary tone. On the other hand, you can take a pair of denim cut offs and plain T, and accent it with an ethnic print backpack. The first look can take you through Saturday shopping (the backpack acting as a de facto "shopper"). The second is for an outdoorsy day in the park.
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