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9 Surprising WWI Fashion Factoids from "Great War Fashion"
Nine surprising factoids about women's fashion, beauty and hygiene during World War I from the 2014 book "Great War Fashion" by Lucy Adlington.

10 Trends from Museum at FITs Trend-ology

Gallery of Rockettes Costumes: Past and Present

8 Menswear Trends in ‘American Hustle’ that Look Surprisingly Hot

What We Wore 100 Years Ago: Fashion in 1914

Leopard Print: 1920s to Today
Leopard print is a timeless, classic look that's remained on trend since the 1920s. Take a look at some fabulous leopard garments from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and up to the spring 2014 runway.


8 Glam Trends from the 1920s
Glam up your wardrobe with these eight 1920s fashion trends, like the cloche hat and drop-waist dress.

5 Celebrity Swimsuits from the 1950s
From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood actresses of the 1950s looked ultra glamorous in ’50s-era swimsuits. Check out classic vintage swimwear modeled by five film icons.

7 Timeless ’70s Trends
Add some 1970s vintage flair to your wardrobe with these seven timeless Me Decade trends, like Diane von Furstenberg's wrap dress and Halston's slinky disco dresses.

7 Great Dresses from the ’70s
Check out some great affordable vintage looks, piece-by-piece, decade-by-decade, starting with the dresses of the 1970's.

Trends Gone Vintage: Dressy Reds
Natalie Portman's red polka dot vintage Dior was all anyone could talk about in the wake of the 2012 awards season. But Portman was not the only one to bring that magic formula of red + vintage to the masses!

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