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Know your 1970s skirts

The difference between the mini, midi, and maxi hem legths


How can one decade have so many styles? 1970s had so many trends that there was one for everyone to grab on to. When it came to skirt lengths you could wear any length and still be fashionable and up to date. One day you could show off your gams and the next be totally covered up. There were 3 main hem lengths to choose from; the mini, the midi, and the maxi; here are the differences between them.

The "Mini"

Image Courtesy of TastyVintage.com
The mini carried over from the 1960s when it was the skirt length of choice and continued it popularity. The 1970s also followed the lines of the mini into hot pant and tunics which were equally as popular and equally as leg baring.

The "Midi"

Image Courtesy of Plaid Pony Vintage
An intentional affront to the mini skirt, the midi comes to the calf and covers the knees and thighs. Though at the time it was acceptable as a fashion statement, we now know that the midi length is not a particularly flattering length on most body types.

The "Maxi"

Image courtesy of Vintagetextile.com
The maxi is the ultimate length skirt, reaching all the way down to the ankles. Some say it was feminism that gave rise to the extra long maxi, other say it was an improving economy, either way, the maxi made a fashion statement.
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