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Men's Fads and Fashions of the 60s


The 1960s was the first dacede to see men's fashion really diverted from its classic roots. There became a lot more options than the suit and tie, here are some of the trends that really caught on:

1. Turtlenecks

A staple in the men’s wardrobe revitalization of the 1960s; turtlenecks were paired with everything from a blazer, to a sweater, to a vest. Every color and construction of turtleneck was worn by men in the 60s, beatniks preferred black of course.

2. Nehru Collar

Used in both jacket and shirt collars, this Indian inspired look has a mandarin type stand up collar and is tight fitting with small butons from neck to waist. Famous nehru wearers include The Beatles, The Monkees, and Dr. Evil.

3. Mod

Form fitted shirts, suit jackets with narrow lapels, and drainpipe pants was the mod silhouette. The “no-waist” style of the 60s was emphasized with the aptly nicknamed “hipster” pant that sat well below the belly button. These drastic changes in cut and fit for men's clothing was the first time men's fashion had diviated from the classic suit since the zoot suit of the 1930s.

4. Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Not just for lumberjacks; in the 1960s the buffalo plaid shirt was popular with all walks of life; from hippies and dads. Though the silhouette is formal, the laidback print and material (usually flannel) of the plaid shirt made it a men's causal staple.

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