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1940s Men's Styles


When shopping for vintage men's clothing, here are some styles that you may come across that are still wearable today.

Eisenhower Jacket

Photo courtesy of Kansas Historical Society
Short collared jacket cropped and nipped in at the waist. The style was popularized in the '40s when General Dwight Eisenhower took to wearing it. There are many different versions of this type of jacket with varying lengths and fabrics.

Zoot Suit

Ultra tapered and ultra high waisted trousers and extra long jackets with broad padded shoulders were the components of a zoot suit. In bright colors and bold patterns the brash suit made quite a statement in a somber wartime. Worn by younger men mostly in the jazz music and swing dancing scenes, the zoot suit is an unforgettable look.


Image from Getty Images
Usually made of felt, the fedora or trilby as it is called in the UK, is instantly recognizable by its pinched in sides. Worn by gangsters, detectives and super human archeologists alike, the fedora is the most popular hat in all of men’s fashion history. The 1940’s were the fedora’s last days as hats started fall out of favor in the late 50s, though it is often revived in men’s and women’s fashions every few years.
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