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Women's Fashion of the 1930s


The Great Depression, WWII...the 1930s were a difficult and somber time in the world, and the fashion of the time are reflective of that climate. Fabric was a commodity resulting in shorter lengths, minimal bulk, form fitting silhouettes and huge innovations in synthetic textiles. These restrictions also encouraged a lot of creativity on the part of women who had to make due with what they had and still look fabulous.

The House Dress

Photo: Library of Congress, 12002-28
The name may sound dowdy, but the house dress is far less casual than anything we would wear around the house today. With lots of feminine details like bows, lace, ruffles, and decorative buttons, the 1930s house dress can be worn to work or on a date today and look rather dressy. House dresses usually come in really fun fabrics and prints as well.


Courtesy of Pastperfectvintage.com
Snug, head hugging hats such as the cloche were a must in the 1930s. The shift to shorter hair styles necessitated a hat that didn't have to be pinned in place. Cloche hats also followed the slimmer, softer, more natural silhouette of the decade.

Menswear Influence

Two piece suits became much more practical for women in the 1930s because of their versatility and durability. They took inspiration from men's suits but gave them feminine touches like bright colored lining and figure flattering shapes.
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