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Vintage Clothing - By Category

Everything about vintage clothing from the 1930s, Depression Era to the beginning of World War II.

Everything about vintage clothing from the fabulous 1940s, from World War II to Christian Dior's 1947 "New Look."

Everything about vintage clothing from the 1950s, from circle skirts to Hollywood glamour.

Everything about vintage clothing from the 1960s, including Jackie Kennedy's "Jackie Style," mod, futuristic space age and hippie flower child style.

Vintage Basics
Information about what it means to be vintage, secondhand, and retro. Find out how to be a vintage clothing lover.

Latest Trends
Learn about the newest, hottest fashion trends each season and how vintage and vintage-inspired looks can be combined with contemporary styles.

Vintage Shopping
All the tools, tricks and tips you need to be a successful vintage shopper.

Wearing Vintage
Learn how to wear vintage clothing. 

Exhibits & Events
Vintage fashion exhibits, vintage fashion sales, fashion events

Alteration & Care
Since vintage clothes are one of a kind pieces, is important to know how to take care of them, repair them, and alter them to fit properly so that you get the most out of vintage treasures

Vintage in Pop Culture
Vintage Style, Old Hollywood Looks, Films, Retro, Music, Models, Celebrities.

Vintage Accessories & Shoes
Vintage Accessories, Vintage Jewelry, Vintage rings, Vintage earrings, Estate Jewelry Sales, Jewelry care, Vintage shoes, Vintage heels, Vintage shoe designers, Vintage handbags, Vintage purses, Vintage bags

Looks By Decade
Vintage, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70',s and 80's, Vintage Dresses, Vintage Tops, Vintage Bottoms, Celebrities, retro style, vintage inspirations


Vintage Lovers
Read about everyday people who love vintage and wear it to perfection every day.

Vintage fashion and designers from the 1910s.

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