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Ashley Kane

Ashley is a devotee to fashion both new and old, and her love of historic costume and fashion have made her a vintage addict. Whether perusing Parisian flea markets or rummaging though a dingy thrift store, Ashley can always find a vintage gem to make a fashion statement with.


She combines her passions by writing about costume history and giving vintage clothing a second life. Working as a personal shopper has sharpened her fashion eye, especially when it comes to mixing vintage with modern fashion and dressing appropriate to your body type. Ashley is a member of the Costume Society of America.


B.A. Art History; Apparel Design Minor, Studio Art Minor, Framingham State College, Framingham, Massachusetts

By Ashley Kane:

Vintage clothing is easy to get excited about if you don't hold it up on a pedestal. My goal is to make vintage clothing an option to everyone regardless of their personal style, shape, or current trends. With a little bit of knowledge you to can enjoy the endless possibilities that vintage clothing has to offer your wardrobe.

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